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All sister U.K. punk band from southcoast dirty Hastings!

spawned from the womb, brought up on rage picked up some instrument’s and started jamminn and a year later played our first gig in 2005 at the school we all attended and been making a racket ever since!

April 18th:

Lady Luck - Canterbury (UK)


April 19th:

Sticky Mikes - Brighton (UK)


April 20th:

Talking heads - Southampton (UK)


April 21st:

MPF- Sound Control - Manchester (UK)


April 22nd:

Bannermans - Edinburgh (UK)


April 24th:

Think Tank Underground - Newcastle (UK)


April 25th:

The Parish - Huddersfield (UK)


April 27th:

Winchester Arms - Taunton Somerset (UK)


April 28th:

Nambucca - London (UK)


May 10th:

Musikbunker - Aachen (Germany)