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Straight outta Hastings south coast UK, The four sisters who deliver adrenaline-fueled Punk-Rock; Maid of Ace consisting of Alison Cara Elliott (Lead vocals/Guitar), Anna Coral Elliott (Vocals/Guitar), Amy Catherine Elliott (Bass/Vocals) and Abby Charlotte Elliott (Drums). Marking their first ever show as the bands birth, back in 2005 at the high-school they all attended. Accelerating though years of beers, bruises and ear battery, with life naturally masking their sound. The band started to take things more seriously around 2012, Not long after meeting friend Mark Richards (ex BMX/skate videographer) who DJ'd at the local night-club they all pulled-pints at. They eventually got together and shot their first music video 'Enemy Within'. In 2014 the band Self-released their debut album 'Maid Of Ace', Described by critics as 'Far from perfect but still kicks almost everything else out there square in the nuts!'. Continuing to make a name for themselves across the globe, the hard-hitting siblings have become an indestructible unit and a force to be reckoned with. known best for their live energy, raw sound and Straight-to-the-point Punk Rock. Milestones include their 2014 YouTube hit 'Bone Deth' topping 2 million views, Playing Glastonbury festival 2015 and their 2nd LP 'Maid In England' earning its place at No 9 in 'Vive Le Rock' Magazine's 'Top 50 Albums of 2016', they have since smashed this with their latest album 'Live Fast or Die' ranking in as 'Vive Le Rocks' 6th best album of 2020. The noise is getting louder...Look out world!

"Live Fast Or Die is an unrelenting punk-rock masterpiece filled with youthful exuberance and enough one-two punches to knock their listeners out time and time again"

- Alternative Press -

"Maid Of Ace grind you to dust with acidic riffing and bouncy choruses on their scorching third album "

- Vive Le Rock Magazine -

"Their full on uncompromising brand of punk succeeds where so many others fail, It sounds fresh"

- Devolution Magazine -

"Maid Of Ace's brand of rebellion is about living now, getting pissed, having a laugh and kicking ass, rockin' out...on a budget and in-spite of the bad times, grey skies, hell-in-a-handcart end-of-days we're living through"

- Louder Than War - 

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